Ali Rowghani’s Three Pillars of Great Leadership

By October 29, 2019 Interview, Leadership, Video

Cameron Yarbrough Interviews Ali Rowghani

Former COO of Twitter Ali Rowghani has been a student of leadership greats like Jack Dorsey, Steve Jobs and Bob Iger. In his interview with Cameron, Ali shares the three universal pillars of great leadership he has learned first-hand.

While stellar leadership is grounded in authenticity, Ali explains that all the great leaders he’s worked under were particularly strong at three key leadership skills—each in their own unique ways. He emphasizes that mastering these provides a roadmap for every leader.

Ali also goes into depth on the science and art of building trust as a business leader, and how to convincingly excel at both domains. To him, vision and clear communication are essential to founders building the trust needed to effectively lead through difficult decisions and manage teams of highly talented executives.

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