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Castlight delivers manager training organization-wide

Managers today hold more responsibility and accountability than ever before for employee performance and engagement. To set them up for success, Castlight leverages Torch’s Digital Learning to develop and train all managers across their organization.

Castlight had prior success with smaller-scale Torch manager development programs and needed to bring this to all people leaders across all of their teams. Key program requirements: be engaging, easy to use, and accessible for all managers.

Leverage Torch’s Digital Learning to train all 120 people managers at Castlight on the 9-box talent assessment, with training resources, a Workday integration and quizzes to test and practice knowledge.

Key Results

  • 100% completion rate of talent assessments (first time ever)
  • Saved HR 20+ hours of training time

Tracking Results
The reporting capabilities enabled Castlight to measure engagement and progress at the individual and group level, make real-time changes to the experience, and provide nudges where needed.

Tips for Success

  • Leverage prior participants as advocates: Generate excitement and provide guidance
  • Meet people where they are: Integrate with platforms like Okta and Workday for a seamless employee experience
  • Create a habit of learning: Tie the platform to business critical activities

What’s Next
The next phase will be to support individualized skills development via the platform through customized programs.

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