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Transforming Together: How to Leverage Group Coaching for Business Impact

A practical guide to using group coaching to drive connection, belonging, and growth in your organization

Transforming Together: How to Leverage Group Coaching for Business Impact

If you’ve ever brainstormed with a group of people, you know how valuable it can be to tap into the collective wisdom of those around you. 

The impact of peer learning is often profound, yet it’s a missing component in many traditional training programs. As a result, these programs fail to foster a deep sense of connection, belonging, and support amongst participants.

Group coaching bridges this gap, creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment through peer learning and support. Group coaching can also be aligned with organizational objectives, ensuring participants develop the skills they need to thrive at work.

If you’re interested in group coaching for your organization, or want to explore its benefits further, this ebook is for you. 

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The six populations that benefit most from group coaching, including new managers, middle managers, and leaders navigating change
  • How to align group coaching with organizational objectives
  • How to design and implement a successful group coaching program — from participant selection and scheduling to coach consistency and engagement strategies
  • How to measure the impact of your group coaching program


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