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One of the best ways to do that is by attracting, developing, and retaining high-potential (HiPo) employees, those who show motivation, ability, and organizational commitment.

Effectively meeting that goal requires providing learning and development opportunities, specifically mentoring and leadership coaching.

Icon 94%

of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Icon 10%

of organizations are successfully identifying, attracting, and retaining the right talent.

Icon 60%

of CXOs are trying to determine what skills will be needed for future leaders to succeed.

Let’s explore three areas where your organization can make impactful changes that will help you attract, develop, and retain HiPo employees and build your leadership pipeline.

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You want to provide HiPos with development opportunities, but your follow-through is lacking. Development programs you do initiate quickly fall by the wayside. This leads to a poor learning experience and disengagement.


Provide guided on-the-job learning that creates more continuity for HiPos. The business will benefit from increased engagement and retention while HiPos gain bite-sized accessible content and peer and mentor support.



Hands-on Support


You present a development program and expect HiPos to be successful in their roles. But more than half of your HiPos end up dropping out of the program because they have no support to rely on.


Offer your HiPos a network of people to turn to when needs, questions, or concerns arise. This will give HiPos the confidence they need to overcome obstacles, work toward their goals, and ask for help.



Personalized Experience


You offer development opportunities but take a one-size-fits-all approach. This leaves HiPos frustrated at trying to fit their unique business context, learning needs, and/or individual preferences into a mold.


Create a personalized learning journey for your HiPos by offering an integrated learning platform that includes guided and experiential learning, curated content, goal setting, and ongoing feedback.


How Mentoring
and Coaching Help

Both mentoring and coaching involve a relationship focused on development. In mentoring, a mentor with expertise in a certain area passes on his or her skills and experience to a mentee. In coaching, a specially trained coach guides an employee to set and reach goals.

Mentoring and coaching programs benefit not only HiPos, but also organizations.

Benefits for HiPos


Job Satisfaction


Increased Skills


Greater Confidence


Quality of Work


Increased Ambition

Icon 91%

of workers who have a mentor are satisfied with their jobs.

Icon 92%

of mentees report an increase in skills for the job.

Icon 92%

of mentees have greater confidence in handling challenges.

Icon 87%

of mentees report improved quality of work.

Icon 89%

report increased ambition to take on more responsibility.

Benefits for Organizations


Higher Engagement


Higher Revenue


Team Functioning


Increased Productivity


Faster Leadership Development

Icon 62%

have higher employee engagement.

Icon 52%

report higher revenue than peer companies.

Icon 57%

have better team functioning.

Icon 51%

report increased productivity.

Icon 36%

enjoy faster leadership development.

How we can Help

Torch’s effective HiPo program integrates leadership coaching, mentoring, and digital learning. It provides hands-on peer and coach or mentor support to address questions or concerns as they arise. And, perhaps most importantly, it offers a personalized journey for each HiPo.

Take your HiPo program to the next level. Torch will help you improve your approach. Learn more:

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