Scalable leadership coaching for organizations.

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Personalized coaching and development platform built to maximize the growth of your high-performing leaders.

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Torch is an integrated coaching and software solution for the modern enterprise.

We grow your leaders, while you grow your business.

Leadership assessment

The brain of Torch is our tech-enabled platform rooted in behavioral science. Our leadership assessment is both scientifically derived and validated. Your leaders will evaluate themselves and receive anonymous feedback from colleagues.

Top-tier coaches

The heart of Torch is our coaches. Their impressive backgrounds go beyond a certification. Torch coaches all have strong credentials paired with real world business experience. Our clients are so happy with their coach choices, we consistently sustain a 96% coach match success rate.

Personal development plan

Systematic and customized. Our HR Dashboard provides transparency into the continual growth velocity of your team. We’ll identify hidden strengths and blind spots for each leader. Then together we’ll set goals to track both individual progress and team growth velocity. 

1:1 coaching

Virtual coaching sessions support the individual leader.  Leaders will receive 1:1 coaching that aligns with your company-wide cultural and strategic initiatives.

Iterative feedback

Our integrated feedback system will reveal where your leaders’ self-awareness gaps lies so they can address their blind spots in their coaching sessions and track their progress on our platform.

Dashboard & insights

Our HR dashboard allows people leaders like you to determine overall leadership coaching ROI, and track your team’s improvements and growth velocity.

The Torch Difference
Stronger coaches, deeper science, better software
  • Torch is founded and operated by executive coaches, psychologists and behavioral scientists.
  • Our experienced coaches bring meaningful real world business experience to every coaching session. They understand where your leaders are coming from because they’ve been there before.
  • Our robust software platform for coach matching, assessments, goal setting and HR tracking can rapidly scale with the growth of your team.
  • Visibility and Accountability. Our tools will measure your team’s growth velocity and track individual growth points, while protecting coach and client confidentiality. Built and validated by behavioral scientists.
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What our customers are saying

Steve Huffman
CEO • Reddit

“My Torch coach has been an invaluable resource for me. He has helped me navigate many difficult situations, and I don’t know how I would have done it without him.”

Elizabeth Iorns
CEO / Founder – Science Exchange

“Torch’s outcome-oriented approach to coaching helped us ramp up our leadership capacity quickly at a critical time for our business.”

Justin Kan
Co-founder – and

“Understanding how to develop leaders inside a company is one of the biggest challenges for every founder and CEO. Torch helps create better leaders. Pretty much a no brainer.”

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