Research shows that behavior change in leadership qualities happens in the context of a trusted relationship between coach and client.

As trust grows, so does your willingness to pursue stretch goals and expand your comfort zone.

Growth happens outside your comfort zone

The Torch Journey

Our 360 review + continuous feedback system gives you a development roadmap and provides regular updates on your progress, from the people who matter most.

Get matched to a coach based on your experience, goals + personality

Complete a 360 review to identify existing strengths and challenges

Select the leadership objectives you want to focus on and define your OKRs*

Participate in regular 1:1 coaching sessions via video conferencing

Track your progress against each objective with regular self-assessments and feedback from team members

Once you’ve achieved your objectives, it’s time to set new ones! (return to step 3)

*The Objective and Key Results (OKR) methodology requires people to set an objective and assign a set of “Key Results” that define the achievement of each objective. It was originally invented by Intel and is used by companies such as Airbnb, Linkedin, Zynga and Twitter as a performance management tool.

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