Video: Justin Kan on Why Success Alone Won’t Truly Make You Happy

By October 3, 2019 Interview, Video

About the Video

In conversation with Torch CEO Cameron Yarbrough, Justin Kan elaborates on recent tweets that had the Silicon Valley Twittersphere buzzing. The Twitch/Atrium founder bluntly lifts a veil on social media self-promotion by sharing how success has an ephemeral return on personal happiness.

Countering a common tendency among ambitious individuals to defer their personal happiness until they’ve achieved lofty goals, Justin explains that wellness is something to work towards in the present. He attributes his mental health to both abiding by the tenents of his ‘feeling good’ program and working in his zone of genius. In Justin’s own journey towards personal wellness, meditation, exercise, therapy and coaching have filled the emotional holes that material success couldn’t.

Kan also discusses coaching’s value in Silicon Valley, and the unique ways that Torch has made high quality coaching easy to onboard in high volumes.

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