Nadja Geipert

Executive & Leadership Coach

Nadja feels strongly that with the right coaching support, you can thrive and grow beyond your current limitations. Her clinical and organizational crisis consulting and coaching experience give her unique insight into what may hold individuals back, both personally and professionally, from reaching their full potential.

Nadja’s clinical and consulting experience with CEOs, small business owners, financial/fundraising consultants, and public speakers informs her approach to coaching. She believes that positive support and encouragement — combined with clear goal-setting — maximize change and growth.

Nadja holds a Master’s in Psychology from the California Graduate Institute, which embraces the philosophy that only professors working in the profession should teach the next generation of counselors. She speaks English and German fluently.


  • Critical Incident Consultant, Compsych
  • Employment Assistance Provider, Compsych
  • Lead Clinician, Bienvenidos
  • Crisis Consultant, Cedars Sinai Medical Center


  • Career Transition
  • Communication
  • Management 101
  • Mission & Values
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Development
  • Women in Leadership


  • M.A., Psychology: California Graduate Institute


  • Group Crisis Intervention, International Critical Incident Foundation