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Building self awareness is the first step toward growth. The Torch Leadership Assessment helps experienced professionals gain clarity on existing strengths and development opportunities.


During regular 1:1 video sessions, an experienced Torch coach will help the leader build a custom development plan based on their leadership assessment results.


Leaders then set their own growth goals with the help of their Torch coach. Together, they will define specific actions to track progress and hit leadership development targets.

How it works

Integrate learnings and capture insights for a new leadership future.


You'll meet with your mentor monthly during your 6-month partnership, to work on your goals and focus areas

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Those who attend a session will also be able to listen in on relevant questions asked by other startups on the same topic and vote up the questions you’d like addressed the most. Each session will last for up to an hour and be hosted on Zoom.  

Spots are limited, so please sign up early to secure a spot in your desired session.

Ask an AWS Solutions Architect

Have a technical question about infrastructure or engineering? Sign up for an exclusive “Ask Me Anything”-style session with an AWS Solutions Architect on Thursday, August 26th to get the answers you need. Sessions will be grouped by topic, including database strategy, enterprise security, web app architectures, setting up AI/ML workloads, and more. The schedule for each topic is as follows:

Workshop Date:
Thursday, August 26th

•  [9AM-10AM PDT]  Common Serverless Architectures
•  [10AM-11AM PDT]  Common Startup Web App Architectures (ElasticBeanstalk, Amplify, Fargate, etc.)
•  [11AM-12PM PDT]  Containerized Web Applications
•  [12PM-1PM PDT]  Enterprise Security (PCI and more)
•  [1PM-2PM PDT]  Healthcare Life Sciences – HIPAA
•  [2PM-3PM PDT]  Database Strategy
•  [3PM-4PM PDT]  Setting up AI/ML Workloads

•  [Scheduled 1:1]  Migrating to AWS

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Who should attend:
Technical founders & developers; anyone on your team with a technical question.

•  [9AM-10AM PDT]  Common Serverless              Architectures
•  [10AM-11AM PDT]  Common Startup Web        App Architectures (ElasticBeanstalk,                Amplify, Fargate, etc.)
•  [11AM-12PM PDT]  Containerized Web       

•  [12PM-1PM PDT]  Enterprise Security (PCI       and more)
•  [1PM-2PM PDT]  Healthcare Life Sciences –      HIPAA
•  [2PM-3PM PDT]  Database Strategy
•  [3PM-4PM PDT]  Setting up AI/ML        

•  [Scheduled 1:1] Migrating to AWS