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Executive Summary: The Coaching Ripple Effect

Key takeaways on how the coaching ripple effect transforms individuals, teams, and organizations.

Executive Summary: The Coaching Ripple Effect

What is the coaching ripple effect?

“The coaching ripple effect describes the positive behavior and change that extends beyond the coached individual.”

This executive summary highlights the most important data from our research report on the coaching ripple effect. Download the report now to learn:

  • Why the coaching ripple effect matters
  • The top 5 ripple effect research takeaways
  • Which key skill categories employees saw improvement in because their manager received coaching
  • How the coaching ripple effect can predict an increase retention, team performance, and a higher likelihood of promotion
  • How to boost the ripple effect through a coaching culture


Get the executive summary now and start reaping the benefits of the coaching ripple effect in your organization.

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