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Helping develop more conscious, effective leaders – including you

At Torch, we believe in a world of work where mutual respect and understanding are at the root of how we work, collaborate, and lead. If you agree, we’d love to invite you to join our mission to help make it a reality.

Torch unlocks the potential of people, teams, and organizations by helping the world's leading brands make coaching more inclusive, integrated with their strategy, and impactful for their business.
At Torch, it’s about who you are not where you are.
  • Kaity Lynch, Director Professional Services
  • Nayanika Ghosh, Director of Sales Enablement
  • Yves Yeung, Product Manager, Product Team
  • Harshita Girase, Full Stack Engineer, Data and Analytics
Joining the Torch team gets you competitive benefits and your own leadership coach

Don’t Wait for a Leader. Be One.
At Torch, we’re on a journey to move the world with greater leadership - and it starts with you. Everything we do, from building our technology to ensuring customer success, contributes to our mission to accelerate professional growth and learning.
  • Positively driven and deeply empathetic
  • Accountable, for ourselves & for the whole
  • Self-aware continuous learners
  • Present to and for each other, for our customers, and to our lives
  • Courageous and ready to step in full-heartedly to build something great
Who We Are
Passionate about people and one another
We care about developing more conscious, effective leaders, and those principles guide how we work. We're authentic, collaborative, and motivated to help our customers achieve their goals. A leader takes responsibility for the success of those around them, and at Torch, we are all leaders.
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Be a part of building a new world of work built on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.