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Alison G.

Alison G.

About me

Alison facilitates individuals to develop their authentic selves, live their values, and make a positive impact in their organizations, and the world. She is a dynamic, highly effective, and goal-oriented professional change agent with a diverse background leading various leadership development and growth initiatives. Alison has consistently leveraged her skills in the development, implementation, and administration of sustainable, continuous improvement strategies delivering enhanced efficiency, performance, and effectiveness. She is recognized as a highly effective communicator, capable of cultivating partnerships across all lines of business to promote cohesive business practice and high-impact outcomes.

Education & Certifications

  • B.A., English and Psychology/Minors Speech and Drama, University of NH
  • Certificate of Business Excellence, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  • Certified Executive Coach, UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

Professional Experience

Learn about this Alison G’s professional history.

  • Associate Professor, UC Berkeley Haas Business School
  • Faculty Coach, UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute
  • CEO, Concentric Advisors TX
  • Co-Founder/CEO, Energetics Technologies
  • Co-Founder/CEO LifeWaves International

Functional Experience

All of our coaches are experienced in supporting a variety of business functions. This coach has personal experience in the following professional fields.

Product Management 




Industry Experience

While you may want to have some similarities with your coach you don’t want too much overlap. A coach’s job is to offer you fresh and new perspectives that you may not be exposed to in your current industry or function. Here are the industries the coach most commonly supports.


Professional Services

Consumer Products




Coaching Expertise

Coaches have wide skill sets and we can’t list them all. Here are a few areas this coach specializes in helping support.

Co-Founder Coaching


Startup Founders

Role Transition

Mission Vision & Values

Primary Professionals Coached

  • Experienced Managers in Leadership Positions
  • New Managers at High Growth Startups
  • Employees at Tech Companies
  • Engineers Building Their Management Experience
  • Fo-Founders at All Stages of Company Growth
  • International Client Base
  • Leaders in Multinational Companies
  • Founders and C Level Executives

Testimonials and Coaching Highlights

Alison’s coaching style is grounded in open-ended questions to deeply explore client issues so they can find the solutions for themselves. She is present to the needs of the client and in helping them achieve their goals.

Past clients have said that Alison is always there for them. Sessions are filled with aha moments of growth. While bringing positive enthusiasm, Alison provides honest and direct interactions.