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The Power of Moments That Matter: A Strategic Approach to Coaching

How Major Life Moments and Times of Transition Can Be Powerful Levers for Behavior Change

The Power of Moments That Matter: A Strategic Approach to Coaching

Moments that matter are times of transition for an individual or an organization such as when an employee becomes a new manager, or when an organization decides to reorganize or restructure.

Like any life transition, these moments often demand new skills and introduce greater uncertainty, creating stress for individuals that can challenge their confidence and weaken their leadership. At the same time, these moments are also golden opportunities for behavioral change.

When organizations leverage coaching during moments that matter, leaders develop new skills and clarify what’s important to them, strengthening their capacity even as the ground beneath them shifts.

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  • Torch’s approach to capitalizing on moments that matter as part of an overall coaching strategy
  • Golden opportunities for behavioral change
  • Why coaching is a must-have program during times of change, transition, and growth
  • How coaching drives behavior change at scale


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