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Torch group coaching session in progress

Empower your employees to transform together

Group Coaching

Learn from your peers and tackle shared business challenges through engaging group discussions facilitated by top-rated coaches.

A collaborative approach to growth
What are the benefits of group coaching?
Gain diverse perspective
Participants learn from peers’ experiences and discover innovative solutions through collaborative problem-solving.
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Organizational alignment
Group members focus on building skills and growing in a way that’s aligned to your organizational values and goals
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Connection & belonging
Participants form strong, lasting relationships with group members that expand their professional support networks
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Complement to 1:1 coaching
Enrich and maximize participant growth by running group coaching programs either before, during, or after 1:1 coaching
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How does group coaching drive business performance?
Group coaching that delivers the organizational outcomes you need
  • Targeted Solutions
    We go beyond generic programs, tailoring sessions to address your organization's specific needs and priorities

  • Expert Facilitation
    Our experienced coaches guide discussions, ensure inclusivity, and provide valuable insights to enhance learning

  • Measurable Impact
    We partner with you to define success metrics and track progress towards your leadership development goals

Leadership development programs designed to solve problems
Torch offers group coaching programs that target key business challenges or goals, with set topics curated by Torch’s behavioral science team.

These programs include:
  • New Manager Essentials
    Learn to step beyond an IC role and effectively manage a team as a new leader

  • Effective communication
    Cultivate trust and productivity by learning how to be a strong and intentional communicator

  • High-Impact Middle Management
    Learn to effectively bridge the gap between strategy and execution at your organization

  • Adaptive & Resilient Leadership
    Learn to manage team morale & performance through periods of uncertainty and change

  • Navigating Identity & Influence
    Learn to build confidence in your identity and leverage it as a strength to increase your influence at work

  • Leadership through Coaching
    Learn to incorporate key coaching skills into your leadership approach to build stronger and more empowered teams

How does group coaching work?
Our group coaching programs consist of six bi-weekly or monthly sessions, each lasting 60 minutes.

Here's a glimpse into the experience:
  • Welcome & Foundation Building
    This introductory session establishes rapport, sets program expectations, and allows participants to get acquainted.

  • Topic Deep Dives & Peer Learning
    Each session delves into a specific topic aligned with your program goal. Participants engage in facilitated discussions, share experiences, and learn from each other's perspectives.

  • Wrap Up
    The final session focuses on reinforcing key learnings, developing action plans for ongoing growth, and celebrating successes achieved throughout the program.

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