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Identify Your Coaching Program Goals

Use this worksheet to develop a coaching program that supports your people strategy and transforms your organization

Identify Your Coaching Program Goals

As a member of the HR or Learning + Development departments of your company, you may be defining how using coaching as a leadership development tool can help serve your organization’s goals. That’s important and critical work, and we’re here to help. Success for any coaching program, in any business, starts by anchoring your purpose in the organization’s goals. Download this worksheet to:

  • Understand the key elements of your strategy
  • Use the worksheet to visually map out how supporting your people aligns with business objectives
  • Define your coaching program goals with a helpful and practical worksheet
  • Chart your own path and progress using the editable template

This worksheet will help you lay the groundwork for a coaching-focused leadership development plan that will support your people and your organization.

Download the Worksheet