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Best Buy fosters diversity and inclusion with Torch

Diversity & inclusion is a critical factor today for companies to attract and retain the best. Best Buy partnered with Torch to launch an internal mentoring program that connects employees and company leaders across demographics.


  • Higher turnover for employees of color
  • Underrepresentation of women and minorities in the talent pipeline
  • The need for a more inclusive, transparent culture


An internal mentoring program, using Torch’s software, that connects underrepresented minorities and women with leaders across the organization to build skills, develop relationships, and help grow careers internally

Key Results

  • 95% match satisfaction rate
  • 87% improved quality of work and are ready to take on more responsibility



Effective mentor matching

  • Mentees and mentors were well-matched around mentees’ learning needs and mentors’ areas of expertise

Strong Engagement

  • The program structure and strong matches built the foundation for partnerships to continue beyond the 6-month program


“I love that I was matched with someone outside my ‘two degrees’ of existing relationships. My mentor works in a completely different area and was able to bring both a different perspective, but also help make introductions to other mentors/mentees of my own I wouldn’t otherwise have met.”

—Tori Merrell, Mentee at Best Buy

What’s Next

Expand the program internationally and include field leadership


“The amount of positive feedback has been overwhelming and that alone has helped us create a business case for why we’re going to continue to scale and grow this within the organization.”

—John Hardy



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