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Curious Consumption, No. 2


Some recommendations to feed your curiosity



Sometimes leaders think that in order to gain credibility, they must appear flawless or perfect all the time. However, demonstrating vulnerability can actually increase how much employees trust their leaders. This article dives into specific ways to practice vulnerability, by normalizing mistakes as learning, sharing their own personal development experiences, and staying open to others’ abilities to solve problems.



You may think we’re pulling your leg, but researchers have dedicated real time and resources to research on whether or not humor is important to leadership (short answer: it is). This TedX talk with two faculty members at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, explores how good leaders are able to crack a few jokes, since humor builds closeness (after releasing hormones), and it also cultivates trust. In fact, some researchers point to these jocular leaders as 27% more motivating. 

As Bagdonas shares, “We can do serious things without taking ourselves so seriously, and in fact, often, we can do them better, and more fashionably.”



Many of us have heard the idea of a glass ceiling. But ever heard of the glass cliff? This podcast episode, “The Rigged Test of Leadership” features activist Sophie Williams, who explores the research behind this phenomenon where women and women of color are more likely to assume positions of leadership during times of poor org performance – often setting them up as scapegoats for potential failure. She offers reasons for why this may be and discusses how organizations can avoid creating these rigged tests.

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