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Curious Consumption, No. 5: Transformations through Coaching

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Some recommendations to feed your curiosity


You can’t transform a company without also transforming yourself. To be a better leader, you must become a bigger human being.”


In this article, Tony Schwartz, a seasoned coach of c-suite execs, talks about his experience with working with leaders and witnessing their personal transformations. Through leaning into the hard work of self-discovery, he’s seen leaders confront deeper parts of themselves and become clearer, balanced, and empowering leaders of others as a result.


Coaching researcher Dr. Sean O’Connor sought to understand the “coaching ripple effect.” His research demonstrated that individual leaders who receive coaching have better quality relationships and interactions with others. Watch this video to learn more about his research and network-based approach to understanding the effect of coaching on the climate of an organization.


Our very own Amy Lavoie, VP of People Success at Torch, spoke on the Modern People Leader podcast about how to make DEI efforts work. In this episode, she discusses how one-size-fits-all programs are no longer enough to move the needle in organizations. Humanized and personalized development opportunities like coaching and mentoring, on the other hand, can make a substantial impact for underrepresented groups. Listen here to learn more.

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