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Curious Consumption, No. 6 Trends in Feedback

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Some recommendations to feed your curiosity


Curious to know why feedback is often hard to hear? Rachel Pacheco, author of Bringing Up the Boss, explains the psychological reasons why it can be difficult and offers key ways to open oneself up to receive feedback more productively. Read her article here, and see a lively conversation about her book here.


“Getting feedback meant coming to terms with myself on someone else’s terms, and that wasn’t something I could easily accept.”

Joe Hirsh, an education leader, talks about his early reluctance to receive feedback and journey to see it as an opportunity to enhance future performance  (instead of dwelling on the past). Watch his TedX talk here.


Sometimes differing opinions and perspectives can result in conflict. Skilled leaders know how to invite and navigate these differences and address this conflict productively. 

Author and behavioral scientist Adam Grant, in this episode of his podcast WorkLife, talks about how to handle these situations gracefully and effectively. Spoiler alert: asking for and trying to understand the other person’s perspective, instead of making assumptions, is key.

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