Torch Values as Expressed by Technologists

As a mission driven company, our values inform the way we do everything. Our tech teams have taken our company values and broken them down into the aspirations that inform our day-to-day interactions.

Be Radically Driven, Deeply Empathetic

We drive hard, and we care even harder. 

  • We care about the end user’s experience. We fight for the user!
  • We seek to understand each other when working through difficult problems or differences of opinion.
  • We keep future engineers in mind when we write code. It’s readable, well tested and documented.
  • Like a campsite – when we work on code, we commit code that is cleaner than when we checked it out.
  • We are problem solvers, not just observers.

Be Accountable for Yourself & The Whole

It starts with you, delivering on your promises. So, do what you say you’ll do, on time and with integrity. We get the interconnectedness between how we commit and how that affects the sum of the parts.

  • We make smart, achievable commitments for the benefit of all parties.
  • We deliver technology consistently according to our commitments.
  • We over-communicate in order to set/keep stakeholder expectations in line with reality. No surprises!
  • We measure our progress and seek to improve.
  • We do what needs to be done first, and we do just enough to provide value.

Be Self Aware Continuous Learners

We understand the power of improvement and knowledge, and in figuring out the depths of it all – of ourselves, our teams, our products.

  • We ask for help when we need it.
  • We’re transparent about failure.
  • We believe that most failures are process failures, rather than personal failures.
  • We are open, eager and lack preconceptions with regard to our craft.
  • We take the time to research and read documentation pertaining to the task at hand, and show up informed.
  • We build others up by sharing what we know, through written and verbal means so that we as a group can build on what others have learned.

Be Present Always

It’s not easy, but we strive to be present to and for each other, for our customers and to our lives.

  • We’re nice, but direct.
  • We’re quick to ask “how can I help?“.
  • We solve problems together.
  • We give undivided attention to our work and to others, and don’t gloss over the details.
  • We respect each other’s work/life balance, and push back when these boundaries are crossed without good reason.

Be Courageous, Lean Into The Madness

Innovation, inspiration and change takes courage – the courage to see your $#it, the courage to step in full heartedly, the courage to build something great.

  • We speak up when something isn’t right – even when doing so may be uncomfortable.
  • We’re flexible, and welcome change.
  • We take smart risks quickly.
  • We take risks in an informed manner, understanding the trade-offs and mitigators.
  • We prioritize defects and consistently address technical debt.
  • We release features frequently & consistently with high quality.
  • We’re not afraid of change or experiment, and embrace new technologies and techniques.
  • We don’t double-down when it’s clear that a solution isn’t working, and we’re not afraid to throw it out – even if we worked hard on it.