Ruben Harris on Aligning Passion and Goals in Tech

By December 6, 2019 Article

Cameron Yarbrough Interviews Ruben Harris

Ruben Harris, co-Founder and CEO Career Karma shares how he’s turning his passion into a movement.

Career Karma is an app that matches qualified applicants with coding boot camps, giving them the support they need to develop their careers. The product’s purpose aligns Ruben’s personal mission to make tech more inclusive, and his professional goal of building a massively successful company.

In his interview with Cameron Yarbrough, Ruben discusses: 

  1. How Career Karma makes money by helping people find jobs
  2. Why Career Karma is just as much as a movement, as it is a company
  3. The challenges of being a founder, even after your company finds its footing
  4. The source of his ambition
  5. Ways he maintains a strong, trusting relationship with his two co-founders

Ruben cites his inspiring father and sense of faith as the source of his outsized ambition. He also speaks on the utility of a co-founder relationship built on friendship rather than money. Doing this has allowed him to build the mutual trust needed on his leadership team to successfully compromise and provide hard feedback when needed. 

By watching this, we hope you’ll be similarly inspired to make the effort and find your greater purpose in work. 

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