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Curious Consumption, No. 10: Trends in People Development

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Some recommendations to feed your curiosity

A Six Step Plan to Prepare For Any Career Setback

Revenue spirals, industry shifts, and legislative changes can have unexpected ripple effects on your career advancement. In this HBR article, learn how to identify worst-case scenarios, establish your non-negotiables, and prioritize your well-being, in a six-step plan to prepare you for any career setback.

The Five Qualities of a Good Leader

 In today’s highly competitive business environment, building high-performance teams capable of innovation and exceptional results is a critical goal for leading companies. Effective leadership, as the driving force behind team alignment and inspiration, is essential for the success of high-performance teams. This Entrepreneur article, dives into the five key qualities that many of today’s leaders share. 

How to Stop People Pleasing

While seeking others’ approval is natural and can offer short-term rewards, an excessive need for validation can undermine your self-worth, diminish how others perceive you, and hinder your leadership potential. This Fast Company article, examines the four  ways you can stop people-pleasing, while staying true to your authentic self. 



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