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Navigating 2024: 5 Leadership Development Trends You Can’t Ignore

What do you need to build an exceptional strategy–and execute it? As people leaders, you know that your organization’s ability to succeed, pivot, and innovate lies with your people. And so, the question becomes how do you equip them–at every level–to lead well? In 2024 we need to focus on leveraging our strengths. To do that we, as leaders, need to think strategically about how to support, optimize, and elevate our people in sustainable and impactful ways.

We talked to key leaders at Torch to get their perspective on the trends that will shape leadership development in the next year. Here are the top 5:

1. Changing Leadership Requirements

Leadership expectations continue to evolve rapidly, demanding new skills in a dynamic landscape. Successful leadership development requires thoughtful investment, and consistently providing leaders with the tools, feedback, and support needed to navigate change successfully. This means developing and deploying a more focused, personal, and accountable approach to learning and development.

2. Behavior Change as a Key Metric for Learning & Development Programs

Behavior change will take center stage as a critical metric in leadership development. Initiatives that combine personalized learning with accountability, such as coaching programs, will prove effective in driving sustainable change.

3. Skill Development at All Levels

In resource-constrained environments, leadership development programs must provide skill development at all levels of the organization. Dynamic programs targeting individuals, groups, and intact teams will create a ripple effect of new skills.

4. Focused L&D Programs for Broader Impact

Ruthless prioritization in leadership development is essential for driving real change. L&D programs spread broadly across the organization create universal access, but fail to deliver the engagement or behavior change they were intended to support. A program focused on moving the needle within key populations is how organizations start to see real change. In the case of coaching, it’s how organizations can start to see the benefits of coaching ripple beyond the individual participant and into the broader organization. The ripple is key to achieving larger priorities and ROI.

5. Prioritizing Manager Support

Managers, with their diverse roles and responsibilities, will take center stage in 2024. When you think about the linchpins who make things happen inside the organization–whether that’s performance management, building culture, or, managing priorities, managers are at the center. They are overwhelmed and the only way to truly support their learning and development in an impactful (and realistic) way is with personalized and applied development.  Strategies to deliver personalized support to managers –like coaching–will be prioritized.


For more details on each trend and three additional insights, please check out the full collection.

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