Tim T.

Tim is an Executive Coach with 25+ years of experience in tech, serving leaders and individual contributors. He believes everyone has the capacity to create a more intentional life through traditional coaching, learnable skills and developing practical mindfulness. Tim likes to be structured in his approach with a focus on practical, actionable methods to improve communication and self-expression at work.

Work Experience

  • Senior Career Consultant – Waldron HR
  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Specialist – RolloutSF
  • Executive Producer, Websites – Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro

Education & Training

  • B.A., Communications, Washington State University
  • PCC, International Coach Federation
  • Basic Mediation, King County Dispute Resolution Center
  • MBTI Qualified Interpreter, Center for Psychological Type

Leadership Expertise

  • Communication
  • Co-founder Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Startup Founders
  • Role Transition


Client Experience

  • Co-Founders at All Stages of Company Growth
  • New Managers at High Growth Startups
  • First Time Founders in Growing Companies
  • VPs at Established Companies
  • Engineers Building Their Management Experience

Coaching Highlights

  • Tim places a strong focus on finding new possibilities in familiar circumstances and modeling ways of interacting with others that create new, positive outcomes. This is achieved through conscious listening around what the client would like to have happen, then creating a space for the client to decide what actions they might choose to do next.
  • Tim believes there is never anything wrong or an action that must be taken. He works with clients to find what there is to be found and they decide if what is happening is what works best. If something else works better, he helps the client make a plan for taking that on.