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Ask a Coach: Phyllis Reagin

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Ask a Coach

Q: How do I inspire my team to want to follow me?

Many of the senior leaders that I coach wrestle with wanting to inspire their teams. Their transformation to becoming more inspirational often happens when they explore these 3 important questions: 

  1. Does their communication to their teams focus only on the “what” and “how” of the work? When leaders also focus on the “why,” it’s easier for the work to connect to team members’ hearts and makes them want to follow the leader. 
  2. Do they tend to discuss only work outcomes with their team members? This can make people feel invisible and not valued. By discussing more than just work, leaders begin to value their team members’ unique contributions, making them feel seen and appreciated.
  3. Is there any misalignment with what they say is important to their teams and how they may behave? For example, leaders may say well-being is important while being on the edge of burnout themselves. Through my work with them, leaders start to understand the idea that great leaders demonstrate their values in how they act.


Phyllis Reagin, Torch Executive Coach

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