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Ask a Mentor: Erwin A. Rezelman, MBA

Q: I’ve recently been promoted. I know I can do the new job, but am feeling overwhelmed by all of my new responsibilities. Do you have any suggestions for how to think about this transition?


This is a question that has started many of my meetings with Torch mentees. There are many books out there that address similar questions, but each situation is unique. A book will help to understand what someone else has done in their particular situation, but it is key to look at your specific situation.


Step one: Pick apart the new challenge, which is also an opportunity. What has changed with the new role? List the skills (soft and hard), situations, responsibilities, accountabilities that are different.


Step two: Cross out the items you feel confident about and highlight the new items. It can also be a combination of items. For example, maybe previously you submitted input for a budget plan and now you not only submit input but also collect and consolidate the input of others.


Step three: For each of the highlighted items, write a short description answering these questions: What does it mean, what is required and how is success measured? Include steps on how you may be able to deliver on those new responsibilities. What kinds of resources do you need?


As you create this plan, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Reach out to peers who already went through this for their advice. And if you don’t already have a mentor, consider seeking one out who can support you on your journey.


Erwin A. Rezelman, MBA
Torch Mentor since 2012

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