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Curious Consumption – No. 1


Some recommendations to feed your curiosity



Managers are expected to do a lot these days. A skill that continues to be crucial: leading teams during times of uncertainty. This article offers practical, behavioral science-backed tips on how to do this, including future scenario planning, developing new team rituals, and acknowledging what’s happening in the world, even when it’s painful or scary.



Delivering feedback more equitably, and why feedback is an equity issue, are the main topics in this conversation between our friends at Peoplism and Lattice. “People may be more likely to find errors in the work created by people of color, but then less likely to give them feedback about it,” says Peoplism Co-Founder Amber Madison. “That becomes really damaging when it comes to being able to progress in your career.”



It’s easy to talk about the importance of being an “authentic” leader, but what does that really mean? How do you find the balance between what feels right, and what’s expected of you at work? We’ve been enjoying this podcast, Coaching Real Leaders, where executive coach Muriel Wilkins invites us into real coaching conversations. In this one, Wilkins and her coachee unpack what it could mean for her to lead authentically.

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Learn more about authentic leadership

Dive into the details of bringing your authentic self to the workplace and in your leadership style in our on-demand recording of Lead by the Book: A Conversation with Holley A. Kholi-Murchison.