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Curious Consumption, No. 4: Skills to adopt as a manager

Some recommendations to feed your curiosity


“Managers who invest the time to learn about the science of leadership coaching and then practice it consistently will reap the benefits—and not just in terms of productive employees and bottom-line impact. Leaders who excel in coaching also report that it’s the most rewarding and meaningful part of their role.”

In this article, Sara Canaday, a leadership expert, articulates why coaching is so effective at helping people become better managers.


The answer to “what makes a good coach?” is also the answer to “what makes a great leader and manager?”.  In this video, University of East London Professor Christian van Nieuwerbergh, answers both questions, sharing the importance of practicing authenticity, not rushing to judgment, intentionally listening, and acknowledging self doubt. Watch for other skills that translate to great leadership.


What part of your S-curve are you on? And what are your shadow values? If you have no idea what we’re talking about, give this episode of the Psychology Podcast a listen, where host Scott Barry Kaufman interviews talent development expert and executive coach Whitney Johnson.  They talk about how personal growth and business growth are inextricably linked, a new way to think about where you and your people are at on their growth trajectories, and how you may be holding yourself, and others, back.

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Learn more about authentic leadership

Dive into the details of bringing your authentic self to the workplace and in your leadership style in our on-demand recording of Lead by the Book: A Conversation with Holley A. Kholi-Murchison.