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Curious Consumption, No. 7: Trends in Leadership

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Some recommendations to feed your curiosity


If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso, you’re sorely missing out. This article shares the leadership lessons taken from the show, including the power of mentorship, the importance of earning trust from  your followers, and the necessity of building community within your team.


Management consultant Gitte Frederiksen has worked with multiple global companies and shares how leadership can be more effective as a network, distributed across multiple people, instead of a hierarchy where power moves from top down. She shares how to create this in her TedX talk here.


Research analysts, Stacia Garr and Dani Johnson of RedThread Research, spoke with Paula Matthews, VP and Chief People Officer of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) about the difference between good and “not so effective managers,” including being OK with not having all the answers and explaining the “why” of work to their direct reports.

Check out this episode on Workplace Stories here to learn more about the key leadership skills of good managers.



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