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Curious Consumption, No. 8: Trends in People Development

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Some recommendations to feed your curiosity

Mind the Gap (Between IC and Leader)

Hot off the presses, Torch Executive Coach Brandy Simula wrote for Newsweek about how to manage the transition from individual contributor to people leader. A few of her key lessons: recognizing that you’re not just moving into a new role, but a new identity; developing a set of values, along with your vision, and prioritizing building relationships. But there’s much more, and we’d recommend reading the whole piece.

Unpacking the RTO Debate

Blog: There’s an idea that’s been making its rounds: that the reason for the dip in workforce productivity is because people are working remotely. This piece challenges that idea, arguing that the way we’ve historically measured productivity – how long someone spends at work –  has never told us what we want to know – what outcomes they’re delivering on. What’s part of the solution to the productivity problem? Managers “need to step up to the plate”, by clarifying goals, asking better questions, and developing trust with their employees.  

The Importance of Relational Skills

When we think about the essential skills for leaders, it’s often the big ones that come to mind: setting a vision, being strategic, having executive presence. But the small skills – like being able to engage in meaningful small talk, or accurately evaluating whether or not someone likes you –  can matter just as much. Two recent podcasts – one from the Atlantic, and the other from Hidden Brain – dive into these capabilities, why they can be hard, and how to get better. 



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