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Leadership (Re)Development: Escape from the Buzzwords

Featuring Patrick Sutton and Keshawn Hughes

Leadership (Re)Development: Escape from the Buzzwords


Word salad. Doublespeak. Buzzwords. Whatever you call it, this type of language – words that hint at popular ideas, but don’t catalyze action – has infiltrated leadership development circles. DEI, in many organizations, has become an acronym to hide behind – something leaders can talk about to prove that they are in the know, without backing it up with changes to systems and behaviors. Well-intentioned organizations say they’re committed to expanding the reach of leadership development programs and making existing programs more equitable and inclusive. But they’re not seeing results.

In the next installment of our Leadership (Re)Development series, Patrick Sutton, Head of People at Main Street, and Executive Coach Keshawn Hughes, will discuss how creating the right leadership development strategy can help organizations avoid this fate, and ensure they’re set up to reap the benefits of inclusive leadership.


During this session you’ll learn:

  • What it looks like to weave inclusive practices into a leadership development strategy
  • An example of a program designed to help an organization escape from using DEI only as a buzzword
  • How coaching, and coaching programs, can play a leading role in making progress towards DEI goals

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