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RMS delivers manager training and better performance reviews

In February of 2018, a new CEO joined RMS. As part of that executive leadership transition, the company wanted to re-align and re-focus on values and cultural priorities. RMS wanted every leader in the company to be aligned with and well versed in transparency, empowerment and accountability as well as have the ability to break down silos to work towards more productive and efficient cross functional collaborations.

As part of operationalizing the defined company values, RMS also needed to improve the quality of its performance management and desired to upskill managers’ delivery of performance reviews.

The objectives included:

  1. Provide all managers with a set of tools and framework to communicate with care and radical candor.
  2. Demonstrate what a best-in-class performance review and delivery look like.
  3. Set managers up for success by giving them the tools to manage their own professional development journey.

What We Did

Torch then developed customized training curriculum for a series of 2-day leadership workshops around the globe, in which a representative group of 125 RMS leaders and individuals participated.

Each workshop was led by highly experienced facilitators and offered plenty of experiential exercises to maximize learning and engagement.

The workshop was designed to facilitate an open conversation about RMS core values of transparency, accountability and empowerment. A variety of different communication models and tools were discussed and put in to practice in small group exercises.

Each participant of the workshop also received a 3-month engagement with a coach from Torch to identify and work on professional development needs that are in line with the company’s prioritized values, while leveraging the tools and framework established in the 2-day workshop.

Similarly, for the performance management topic, Torch also performed a need-based analysis of RMS needs and designed a training program and curriculum specific to RMS. A series of highly experiential 4-hour training sessions on How to Give and Receive Feedback were rolled out to all people managers (250+ individuals) across RMS global offices within a span of 2 weeks.

The managers also received 3 coaching sessions subsequently to the training to solidify the concepts and tools they learned with Torch’s training program.

Driven by their individual needs for professional development, a small group of senior leaders at RMS continue to receive coaching from Torch on a long-term basis (after the leadership workshops and performance management training).


Coach participants reported that they were more self-aware and willing to think beyond their boundaries to explore their full leadership potential. Participants also reported that they successfully acquired specific tools to create and follow a growth plan with clear goals and action items.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“The facilitators were open and were able to engage the entire room. They were able to respond to all the queries and their examples were very relevant”

“Real-life relevant role playing and reinforcement by the presenters on very specific tactics around delivering honest direct feedback handling sometimes uncomfortable situations without conflict (but rather with care). The training was excellent from that perspective!”

“Session was very interactive and was crisp and to the point.”

“I liked the experience that the leaders had and the examples they used. I liked being able to run scenarios with other RMS leaders to help me better prepare.”

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