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Torch P.O.V.

When and How to Involve a Manager in a Coaching Engagement

Incorporating managers into the coaching process for their teams can boost coaching engagement.

When and How to Involve a Manager in a Coaching Engagement

This Torch P.O.V. guide –our “point of view”–is focused on how and when to involve managers in a coaching engagement.

By supporting their employees before and after a coaching engagement, managers are equipped to hold their direct reports accountable to the goals and desired behavior changes they want to make. This collaborative approach creates a more effective coaching engagement, and the more effective a coaching engagement is, the more an organization will see meaningful organizational and team outcomes such as increased retention, engagement, and performance.

In this guide you’ll learn how:

  • Having a manager empathetically hold someone accountable is key to sustainable behavior change
  • Manager alignment meetings can help facilitate positive coaching engagements
  • To get the most of coaching sessions with best practices for coaches, managers, and coaching participants

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