Atrium is a full-service corporate law firm that uses modern technology to give startups a legal experience that is fast, transparent, and price predictable.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Stage: Series B, Raised $75.5M (Crunchbase)

Industry: Legal

Size: 150


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Atrium is disrupting the legal industry with its innovative business model. In traditional firms, lawyers often operate independently, managing one or two paralegals at most. Atrium is redefining the structure of how law firms work, holding its lawyers accountable for developing their teams.

The company’s founder and CEO, Justin Kan, is a strong believer in investing in people and has experienced the benefits of leadership coaching firsthand. Atrium’s fast-paced growth trajectory required the company to promote fairly inexperienced managers into management positions. Additionally, the company culture is especially focused on execution, sometimes leading to the neglect of fundamental management skills. In an effort to anticipate the challenges new managers might face, Atrium asked Torch to deliver leadership development programming and coaching services.


What We Did

Atrium made it a requirement for anyone who joined the leadership team to receive leadership coaching from Torch.

Over the course of a year, each leader has received two 360 reviews and together, the team has set collective learning goals:

  • Listening
  • Adaptability
  • Inspiration
  • Mentoring
  • Conflict Management
  • Group Facilitation
  • Vision
  • Domain Expertise

Every two weeks, Atrium’s HR team provides Torch with an update on company priorities and happenings so the coaches have the context they need to make the sessions as effective as possible.

Torch also designed a series of custom trainings for Atrium’s leaders that each address an area that the group collectively needed to work on, including Hard Conversations, Coaching Fundamentals, Productivity, and Facilitation and Public Speaking.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Torch has provided our leaders with more awareness into their areas of opportunity by highlighting some areas of disconnect between what they thought about themselves and what they heard in their 360. They’ve been able to pivot their focus toward what their team defined as important for them to work on.

I’ve seen that our managers are getting more proactive in developing their team, checking in with their direct reports, and keeping them accountable.

-Lindsey P.,
Management Operations at Atrium